New Shapes Bric - Have a great weekend!

Hey everyone,

I just released a new free Bric over at the Blocs Store. It lets you easily add animated shapes to Bloc backgrounds, it can also be combined with some of the other background animation effect Brics available at the store too.

You can download it here and see it in action here.

Anyway have a great weekend!


Looks cool but what about shape dividers?

I don’t know where you find time to do all that you do, but it pretty clear you have a passion for developing cool and useful designs for all of us.
Thank you @Norm :smile:


They are coming in the main app soon.


This Bric uses an open source jquery animation snippet created by someone else. I just wrapped it up in a more user friendly Bric.

Took about 1 hour to put together, glad you like it.

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Isn’t jQuery on the way out with Bootstrap 5? I am just thinking about the future proofing if using something like this.

I think bootstrap 5 will be vanilla JS but you can still use jQuery with it, it just has no dependencies in the core.

I still love jquery it’s so much easier to write compared to vanilla JS.