New Site.... need comments please


I just finish this site. Can you please tell me what you think and what can I do to improve it?

One thing that happened is that the pages take to long to load.

Waiting for your comments.


Looks an active and fun place :sweat_smile:

Quick first impression on iPad are;
The pages are slow to load. Have you optimised the images?
The address is too close to the left in the footer.
There is a margin on the right of the footer.
The icons are repeated top and bottom of the page,
There seems little content on the main landing (home) page.
I only went to a couple of pages because they’re so slow tho.
Welcome to the 'forever improving ’ stage.

I’m not at a Mac right now ( on iPad) but did take a quick look at the site yesterday. Agreed it’s painfully slow. If I remember over 90% of your page weight was from images. Your using png files for some very large images.
From a speed prospective I would look to converting those to jpeg, unless you need them to be png (transparent), jpeg’s will compress much better.
Also check the sizes of your images, resizing them so there no wider than the maximum width of the container that displays them.

This loaded reasonably fast for me on mobile, albeit on a 76mbps connection. On desktop it was slow. If you must use PNG files check out to reduce the file sizes, while maintaining good image quality.

This service is also very good, since you can change photos by a group

And since the site is good, only a very long time is loaded