New User - How do we view/edit simulated content

The WordPress icon appears and shows 11 pages successfully downloaded - how do I see them and start working with them?

Hi @alanrodriguez

Just to see the entire context:

  • are you working based on an export theme within WordPress ?
  • are you currently still designing the WordPress theme within Blocs ?

Hey @brechtryckaert

I exported a Wordpress site Data Freedom Foundation into Blocs as Wordpress Simulation Data.

I assume I can view these 11 pages and begin editing them as my new site?

Yes and no. You’ll see certain content once the site is connected, to help you style the theme.
But Blocs Plus is in essence used here to create your perfect WordPress theme, then export the design as a WordPress theme and upload that into WordPress itself and activate it.

I see nothing to edit other than a blank theme. What’s the point of importing a Wordpress site if we can’t edit that site?

Hi @alanrodriguez

You use the connected sample data to help visually build your new theme. It isn’t importing your current WP theme.

I would suggest going through the Blocs Academy videos for building WP themes to get started…