NEW Website - Ergotherapie

Hey guys, an other new website is online. The page was build for a doctor’s office for occupational therapy. It is just a website with classic design. Nothing special. Maybe you like it anyway.

This is the new page:

And this was the original previous website:


Nice work there, they must be really happy, its a big upgrade from their old one.


Very nice RME, but I’ve had this happen on iPhone using Safari in both landscape and portrait modes.
Menu is transparent over page.
Can’t replicate exactly, it just randomly happens.

Hey, thanks. Yes i saw that. I think it is a bug. @Norm Could you check it in the beta pls?

Unless you fixed it. Seems to be working for me. iPhone 11

Unfortunately, not. It happens when you open the menu several times and use the cross to close it.

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Nice site RME - Simple, clean and functional.

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Hi @RME. Have you tried disabling combine all CSS / JS? When I replicate the error as shown above the menu is not loading in the web inspector.

Hey @Jerry thank you. Sounds interesting. I’ll try it.

Hello @RME don’t know if it is finished, but in my side is missing two pictures:

Apart from that very nice the site, congratulations.

Hey @Jerry, there are no changes to the other settings either.

Hello and thanks. yes I have to take these two pictures. the employees are still on vacation :slight_smile:

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Der Termin-Button verschwindet, wenn er einmal aufgerufen wird. Dann ist er unsichtbar und wird nur wieder angezeigt, wenn man zufällig mit der Maus drüberfährt (macOS 11.6 und Safari 15.0).

soeben probiert.
Kann ich bestätigen.