New website | industrial food

Greetings to all!
I have launched a new website for a client, I leave the links! any comment is welcomed.

see site here

Greetings and total success


Muy bonito sitio, felicidades!

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Nice work! :clap:
Maybe I have caveman internet, but the preloader gif is taking it sweet time.

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Stunning!! Brilliant site.

Took a while to load, but I do have poor wifi where I am at the moment.

The pattern on the sections is classy and love how you have the images of products in bowls sitting over the 2 sections - how do you do that ??
I know how to do this on wordpress, but trying to keep away from that at the moment!!


Lovely - and I’m not having any loading problems at all. 3 seconds or so for the page.
Just wondering @nelo, how did you do the slideshow with the images shrinking slightly as they load?

Very nice site though.

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Yeah! Looks great. Loads of little tricks here as I’ve seen on another platform…but would love to know how these are done! for the slideshow I’d say. And when inspecting the image elements it’s clear that there’s some absolute positioning with a negative value to the top added. Or should I stay subtracted? :wink:

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@rongvang maybe because its hosted outside of us, I have the same issue with my site. People said it was too slow an I loaded in less than 2 seconds, it was a hosting issue.

muy prolijo el sitio! lo único que note a nivel diseño es la marca, me costo distinguir si se leia “moleanza” o “molianza” ya que la I tiene semejanza a una E estilizada, salvo por eso el sitio es muy limpio y el juego de los elementos fuera de la grilla esta bien logrado.


that is one very good looking site. Congrats! Love the look and feel of the design.


Hello everyone and thank you for all your comments.

  .yout class {
  top: -230px;
  right: 40%;
  z-index: 1;

With this little code you can adjust certain images or blocks over another image or block, depending on what you want to achieve, the class applies it to the block, div, col or img. It works excellent.

You just have to adjust by “Media query” so that it adapts to each breakpoint of the browser.

But it is excellent.

use the swiper brics, easy to adapt to what you needed. You can play very well with it.

I hadn’t noticed it, but it reads “Molianza”.

No lo habia notado, pero se lee “Molianza”.

Thank you all for your comments, I appreciate it!

greetings and total success


Didn’t know there was a swiper bric. Nice one.

Brilliant - thank you

Very well designed website…great job!

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Great design.

Love the colours, and it’s got an unique feel to it without being quirky.

Just a very good solid and pleasing design.


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Very creative use of Swiper bric and other elements. Well done! :slight_smile:

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Awesome website, one of the best :+1:

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