NEW Website -

Hey guys, a small new website is finish. Hope you like it. Comments are welcome.


A good looking website (as usual) though I found the pop up as the page opens a bit too aggressive and intrusive.

Hi @Flashman I agree with you. However, this is a legal requirement. Unfortunately :frowning:

I believe the pop up is a modal, right.
Let it fade in and it would look a little smoother.

Surely there has to be a smoother way to meet any legal requirements. I find it incredible that Amazon, Google and Facebook manage with nothing more than a privacy link at the bottom of the page, but others think they need big banners asking permission before visitors can even see the page.

It is not a modal in blocs. Because there is no possibility to open it on page load. It is manual coded.

I like the way you handled “ablehnen”. When you click the button, you’re linked to a .li domain.

yes, i hate these big banners. This is a financial website. this website can be visit for persons they live in Germany or Switzerland. So you must agree with the disclaimer. It sounds strange, but this is the law for these offer.

Is this for GDPR? Germany seems to be taking these things a bit crazy. I think the situation is more relaxed in Switzerland.

No this is not GDPR. It is the european law for Asset Management since the financial crisis.

You can find it at many websites.

I had no pop up at that site in Safari, Firefox or Brave.


In the section Fondsprodukte you will find it. But this is just one example.

Nice site, very clean and colorful.

@RME did you see the post on how to make a modal popup on load?


Thanks. Yes i did see the post. But the modal will be close when you make a click outside the modal. and this is not allowed at this website.

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Well done @RME! You really brought out the theme with some nice images.

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Hello @RME sorry I didn’t have that contemplated but… It is now…
I have done two pages to @Wam page, check it please:

I block both situations, in both pages Auto and Manual, the no possibility to click outside the modal and no ESC button on keyboard, but you can choose only the click or only the ESC or both as I choose.

Hope it helps…

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That’s a really nice addition. Thanks again for all you do. I’m going to have to add that to my modal cheat sheet.


Hey @Pealco thanks so much. That’s really helpful. Especially the modal with the cookie. :heart_eyes: