New website - opinions

I am about to finish the following site, I would like to know your comments.


Greetings to all.


I like the use of Ibarra Nova Real in the headers. It has a nice Spanish feel. I haven’t checked it on mobile but the rest looks good on desktop with a clean, stylish appearance.

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Thats really nice @nelo. I love the use of z-index. cleaver.

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I was curious too about mobile regarding the vertical social icons. This is on an iPhone 11. I don’t know If you want to disable that for small breakpoints?

I too discovered the body text overlapping to the left the fixed vertical social text on the iPhone 6s.
Nice website, indeed! :+1:
It would be interesting to know how you did the static left social text.

Looks good. What did you use for the Instagram links? Lightwidget? The page opening is a nice effect.
The head navigation menu slips onto 2 lines on an iPad though.

How strange, I have the notion that I had hidden it for mobile, but good observation! thanks

It is not so complicated, it is just to place it normal one under the other and add a class that I share here:

yes, Lightwidget!!! I’ll fix it, if it shouldn’t be applied that way!

Thanks for the feedback


Thanks very much for sharing the way you did it @nelo. Great. :pray:

Hello, what a great looking site. Congratulations!

Quick question: How are you achieving the cool “page opening” animation in Blocs?

Thanks for sharing your work.

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It is a complement that helps a lot, has several transitions, take a look