New website - Refactionary

Greetings to all, I just finished a website for a refactionary, I leave the link … and I await your comments … built with blocsapp and perzonalized.

Refaccionaria Francesa

Thank you



@nelo very good.
Navigation menu
The left and right spaces are a bit awkward.

On my iPhone X the menu obscures the carousel.

nice! very good!

Nice! How did you create sorting in the catalog page?

Have you tested on smaller breakpoints? Some of your content doesn’t display too well at the smaller screen size. A large percentage of internet use is on devices.
I would suggest not having the spaces on the ends of the menu bar on small breakpoints and add a top margin to the carousel so it doesn’t get lost under the menu bar.
Works well on larger screens though.

all in all well made! I haven’t tested it on mobile though. On your start page I am expecting to be able to click on the graphics of the specials and new items. On your catalog page I would reverse the active color of the 2 Buttons “Peugeot” & “Renault”. The blue button looks like it would be the selected item, but in reality it’s the other was around.

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Yes, invert the colors, thanks for the tip!

I tried it on small screens, as far as blocsapp allowed me to go … same in larger sizes as far as the application allows, maybe if you would add any option of going points for large screens like 1920 and for smaller mobile screens.

although there are some details, that blocsapp, does not let me adjust perfectly, but I polished them, so that it shows well in mobile mode.

Thanks for the comment.

Database and php, etcs … all out of blocsapp

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Looks all right, links, etc. I did some simulations in the catalog and it seems to work, however sometimes gives error. Maybe because I can’t find parts for the model I chose. I visualized it on a 15 " Macbook. Congratulations.

Parece tudo bem, links, etc. Fiz algumas simulações no catálogo e parece funcionar, no entanto algumas vezes dá erro. Talvez por não encontrar peças para o modelo que escolhi. Visualizei num Macbook 15" Parabéns.

I thought I’ve missed some functionality in blocs at first, lol. Thanks for answering