New website, same domain: Google search console, analytics

Hi all,

Right, this is something I’ve been meaning to ask this community a few months back and just came to mind,

When building a whole new website to replace an old one but it’s the same domain = what is the correct or best procedure for Google search console and Google analytics.

I set them all new when building a new website…but when one needs to be refreshed and a whole new build and a lot of the old URLs are now gone, other than the homepage!! This is when I always read mixed things to do.

At the moment I add the old analytics and other codes from the old website into the new one and then add all the new pages into Google search console to be indexed.

Is it required to remove the old indexed pages from search console?? I can never see how to do this,but guessing from the site map Google will pick this up?

Thanks all!

I setup 301 redirects when URLs are no longer being used or been changed. Even for domain name changes.

301 means permanently moved. Google will index to the new URL, people visiting will be redirected, bookmarks can update.

It will also preserve Google rankings.

Also resubmit a site index.

EDIT: oh I re-read and saw you were talking about the console and analytics. The above still applies though.


You need to be logged in, but if you don’t request the deletion of the old URL here, the bot will keep pointing out ‘this page does not exist’ forever.

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Thanks @PeteSharp & @sifrec

Yeah I always had the thought that as its a new site within Blocs and I have submitted the new site index that google will see the pages and start to crawl those and adding the original codes in for console and analytics it will work - but take a while for it to crawl and settle in.

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