NEW Website


Hey guys, i did create a new website for a customer. I had to use big images.
what do you think? hope you like my new work.

Your feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s a lot of big images. Even with the video it loaded good. I was wondering why you looped the video? Just curious. I checked it out on table and mobile and as usual you did a nice job. You can always tell when one takes the time to make a site work good on mobile.

I’m also a big fan of the menu. Simple and clean.

Very nice,


Very nice appealing website.


Nice site !


Is an elegant design and well achieved, but I think you should optimize the size of the images, since the load is a bit long. :+1:t2:


Looks good!


I can’t confirm.
Loads fast here in all browsers even with the video.
Excellent work - again.


Very nice. I like it.


Hi! The site loads very fast on my iphone. Good work!


Fantastic site to show what you can do with Blocs!
Two things I see Ralf:
The Error message ‘This is required’ are not in German translated. ( or maybe you do this for a special reason)

and the favicon.png is still the one from blocs

very nice job!!!


Hey sandy, thanks. i don’t know, how i can change the text “This is required” in forms in german. I think this is not possible in blocs?! and i added all favicons to the server. strange :-/


You must make the change in row 836 in the jqBootrstrapValidation.js with a html editor like BBEdit, save it on your server and make sure it won’t be overwritten when you update your project.

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hey @Bootsie it works fine. thanks :slight_smile:


Glad I could help for “Notwendige Angabe” :sweat_smile:
Make sure you do NOT upload that file to your server anymore.


@RME Blocs use favicon.png on your project you use favicon.jpg

@Bootsie @RME but its much easier
select a field in your form and type anything you want, ( I use it even with Greek letters :smiley: )
and you dont have to edit after export, so your project stays 100% Blocs



You’re right.
But was it always that easy?
I remember times when I had to do it the way I described.


oooo yessss, thats a few release ago… :smiley:
how nice is this Blocs forum, we all learn from each other.


ohhh thanks @Bootsie. it can be so easy :slight_smile:


Sooooo impressive…!


Good Stuff