New Website - Vegan Punk Eatery

Hello, fellow Bloc-heads,

I’m presenting a site I made for this cool crazy joint specialized in vegan comfort food and cocktails that are to be enjoyed under a loud punk environment, a very neat little place here in Vancouver. I looked to reflect its personality by using vibrant contrasting colors, unconventional typesetting, and an overall DIY feel. I particularly like the effect the rocket gives when scrolling down. Hope you like it!



Brilliant !
good to see creativity

Hi @centurion_basso

Great job :crazy_face:
Seams like a very nice restaurant.

I noticed a few minor things.

  1. The site is only “http”
    Getting that warning that the site isn’t safe is probably not the best advertising.

  2. At first load the site doesn’t scroll fully to the blocks when clicking a menu item.
    Clicking again slides the block fully in place.
    It’s only at first load of the site and the first click on any menu.


Hello @centurion_basso

Very nice work, I have one recomendation for you to test, and a question:

  1. Rec. - As you said you like the effect that rockets give, but try to make that bloc be transparent as you make with the logo next to the map, if the experience of the bottle rocket is more natural… This bloc:

  2. Question, I see that you use parallax in some blocs, but I realize that in the bloc where you have that orange tube you have some black dots and lines that are sticked so is like 3d objects. how do you do that? This bloc:

Very nice job…

Thanks a lot, Webox! Glad you like it.


Thank you Jakerlund, your comments are truly appreciated!

Regarding the https, the client had already ownership of the domain and wasn’t really interested in purchasing a certificate.

About the scrolling issue, yes, I have noticed that here and on some other projects, but I have no clue how to fix that. Do you have any recommendations on how to fix it? That would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks again for looking at my work in such depth!


Hi Pealco, thanks for your detailed note, very glad you like it.

I’ve put in place your recommendation and I believe it makes it smoother and natural as you mentioned, awesome tip, thanks!

And regarding your question, the rocket is a large transparent png that is placed on 5 different panels. The top and bottom panel doesn’t have parallax while the ones in between do. The top panel has the style alignment set to Top, and the bottom panel has it set to Bottom, while the panels with parallax have it set to Center. The black dots and lines are part of the illustration and along with the shapes texture, that 3d effect kind of happens.

Again, thanks for your note and such comprehensive feedback.