Newbie questions about CMS and DB with the Blocs


I just want know more about the Blocs while I am checking the tutorials

  • What are the really differences between October and Pulse?
  • Can I create a total customizable website using the css?
  • Can I create a protected dashboard with login and password to my client?
  • Does the client can change images and videos through the pulse cms or october cms?
  • Need I to buy the pulse cms or october even if I buy the Blocs?

Other question:

  • Can I use a database with the Blocs?


Can I edit the code of the website generated with the Blocs?
Can I edit the code of the website generated with the Blocs?
  1. A lot you would be best checking out the docs for both Pulse and October to see what they can do. Blocs essentially created themes for them.

  2. Not sure what you mean, Blocs is currently a visual css editor so no real css code editing in app but you can write and attach style sheets to pages.

  3. Yes the CMS handles that.

  4. Yeah pretty sure videos are supported.

  5. Yes, the CMS are totally seperate products, just like PayPal or Mailchimp. You just have the option of using them if you wanna buy those extra products.

  6. No, however October does use a database Blocs doesn’t touch it or interact with databases.