No Coder User Feedback Required

I know there has been some discussion recently here on the forum regarding more no code options being added to Blocs. If you have a few moments, I would love to get your feedback.

I would love to know the basic visual styling tasks that you think could be made easier and more user friendly in Blocs.

Im looking for very basic stuff you think is still too complicated.

So far I have the following:

• Visual styling controls for Carousel controls - Colour Wells in sidebar.

• Visual Styling controls for active accordion item - Colour Well in sidebar.

• Visual Styling controls for light box controls - Colour Well in sidebar.


GREAT post @Norm

Right, some of these are what some friends comments are that I recommend to Blocs but they said these simple things they found hidden or complex for them to find and some are mine too which I know how to style, but not easy to find for new users.

  • On hamburger menu the X button I would love to be able to make thicker easier

  • Carousel/horizontal scroll easier options to add custom SVG or a few options of arrows etc and option to make them on the images, or outside the images and taking this to the next stage - the left and right to be bottom right, left to central so controls can be outside the scroll area and colour options.

  • Going back to menu, seems to be extra classes for styling menu on mobile vs desktop, tablet size with font sizing etc.

  • Moving forward for better accessibility I would love Alt Tags for background images/videos be able to be added now

  • I am desperate for Blocs to have image masking !!! - seeing so many builders now having simple options to add nice oval type shapes over say peoples profiles or images and a small slider to make the shape more closed/strong etc…and to have say a good 10-15 shapes to play with. Will be great to see Blocs website move away from the typical square images for those unable to edit in other software. Blocs needs this added…please!!!

  • Texture setting in a Bloc needs option to add custom overlays and the darken, strong darker to have an easier option with a slider to custom set the darkness of the overlay and also an easier option to add a custom colour overlay!

Thats it for now…I am sure @Eldar has a list we could all benefit from.

Thanks Norm!


  • Love to see much more easier ease of use options in TABs - I would use tabs a lot lot more if they were easier to use!!! Not that I can’t use them, I just personally find it a huge chore. If anything could be done…winner winner !

The term “basic” is a subjective one when it comes to visual styling tasks. What might seem basic to some could be complex to others. It’s clear that the definition of “basic” varies greatly among users. This is a key point of contention in the discussion on the need for the overhaul of the extension builder. Custom Brics, if could be built with less tweaking and hacks, could potentially bridge this gap in understanding and user expectations.

The thickness of the hamburger menu’s X button is another contentious point. Some users may prefer it thicker, others longer, and yet others might want it to be round. This again points to the subjectivity of “basic” and suggests that such customisation options should be made available in Custom Brics.

The request for easier options to add custom SVGs or arrows, and the ability to position them on or outside images in the carousel/horizontal scroll is another area where user expectations vary. While some of these tasks can be achieved by “hacking” Bootstrap, for a more seamless experience, third-party libraries like Splide or Swiper may be needed. The question, however, is whether integration with third-party tools should be considered “basic”.

The desire for Blocs to incorporate image masking is another point of discussion. Some users are eager for the ability to add unique shapes to images, especially for profile pictures or similar uses. The question again arises - should the addition of 10-15 more shape options be considered “basic”? While some may argue that these are custom bric features, others may view them as fundamental.

In conclusion, the term “basic” in the context of Bootstrap and its offerings is subjective and varies among users. For some, “basic” might only encompass what Bootstrap offers, while others may expect more advanced features to be included in this category. This suggests that the developer console needs to be enhanced, a sentiment echoed in various threads.

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A lot of the features I have mentioned are standard features in a lot of web builders now.
During my live streaming I have met a lot of people who are developers for their own company websites and have teams constantly developing for their website and company software, when I showed them Blocs in passing conversation they could do a lot of the things I mentioned on them playing around with it for but the feedback was things needs to be made simpler.

Especially as Blocs is on iPad now…simplicity is key - with this in mind I know users want a once only download and BOOM! it’s all there in a click of a button and with ease, the same with Blocs for Mac with the brilliant additions for the fab Brics we have. I’d love Swiper on Blocs !!!

Seeing the post from @Norm today asking for feedback is a breath of fresh air as I do think for NEW users and old! we need to simplify everything as much as possible. Blocs is bloody amazing but to spread the love of the tool we all love some changes in some areas are needed.

I have a feeling Norm is going to make it so easy to find everything that soon the world will be able to develop websites with their eyes and finger gestures on Apple Vision Pro!!! Now that would be something !!! Imagine seeing the below App !


the no code promises are usually only programmable with a lot of effort. if the bootstrap version or another framework changes, the game may start all over again. i don’t know how many resources are available, but stability would be more important to me.

there are still a few ghosts on the way, unfortunately i can’t reproduce them. otherwise i would have reported it. e.g. duplicating existing pages sometimes creates new empty blocks that were not there in the template, i also have effects with the class editor from time to time. i can’t reproduce it and save myself with “save as” after every major change. i appreciate the program very much and it is the best i know and i know a lot;-) from my point of view therefore rather less “no code” options

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I have been using Blocs since version 3 and love it. I have built many sites but I always end up coming back to the forum for help (very greatful for this). It seems a lot of things need classes or elements added to get things to just work the way they should which sometimes does involve coding.

Unless I have overlooked this on the forum I think the desktop/mobile navigation and forms can be easier. Also a step by step method on what are the best settings when exporting.

For the navigation, it would be nice to customize the font size for mobile. Currenly its huge and can’t figure out how to edit. Also a way to underline the nav page you are on would be nice and stay active when on that page. I realize this can be done using classes and what not but the “no code” method goes out the window when trying to figure this all out without having to come back to the forum.

For the forms, what are the best methods to get them to work? I have had to update a few websites recently and delete the forms entirely because they just stopped working. Everyone seems to blame Godaddy for this and I still don’t have a straight answer. Very frustrating.

For exporting, does it just depend on the user on what should be checked and unchecked?

Moving forward I would love love to see more scroll effect and animation options that other no-code builders are already utilyzing like Webflow and Framer.


Instead, I would like to have ‘more code’ that is editable and/or controllable.
Let me give just one example: sometimes it would be useful to be able to do manual intervention on the code of a CSS and only then see it available in the Class Manager tool of Blocs, because perhaps this CSS (even a single class) has been built item by item using the many online tools or even through the “inspect element/analyses” of Firefox or Chrome. Said another way: I build a single CSS class using ‘inspect element’ in my browser, then I copy the resulting class code, go to my Blocs site and paste it into a new class: at that point, if needed, without going back to the browser, I can further manipulate it with the Blocs Class Manager in no-code mode.

In my opinion, it’s crucial to adhere strictly to the “WYSIWYG” principle. When discussions involve terms like “Bootstrap” and “custom classes,” it tends to deviate from the concept of “no-code.” For instance, the ability to select multiple elements by holding down the Shift key when there are two elements was a pleasant experience. The partial realization of “option drag copy” was also appreciated. Respecting interfaces that are standard in operating systems is fundamental. Comparisons like “this app does it this way, but the other one does it differently” don’t seem beneficial to users. Users aim to create what they envision rather than memorizing how each app works. My observations mainly pertain to basic usage. Users with specific needs can learn specialized operations for those requirements. Having avenues for specialized operations is important. While I acknowledge it might not have been an easy task, my experience of buying “Blocs” with a “no-code” feel was akin to using a word processor or illustrator. I used to create websites with an app called “GoLive” before, later acquired and abandoned by Adobe. Despite numerous bugs, it felt like arranging elements as one would on a blank sheet of paper. Straying from the “WYSIWYG” philosophy is something I hope to avoid. It’s essential to cherish Jobs’ fundamental sense. If the app can uphold this and become truly unique, it might stand out without competition. As an amateur, that’s my perspective, hoping for the app to become an unparalleled and nonconformist choice.

I hope the translation conveys the meaning accurately