No email received from blocs form

Hi everyone,

I had a classical form brics in my website, but when I test it I don’t receive any mail in my mailbox … I don’t understand where is the problem …!

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Hi @Eleaidextension,

First thing - is it on a live site or are you trying to send through Blocs or a local preview? I won’t work properly that way.

Secondly, if you have been styling any form elements, make sure you haven’t dragged something out of its group by mistake.
I did this, the message said it had been sent ok, but never arrived.

Hi, thanks fo your help !

Yes it was on an online website but didn’t work, so i deleted it!
I made a “test” website to try just the form but it doesn’t work … it says that the mail has been sent but I have nothing in my mailbox !

The test URL -->

I would first check your server and any local folders for spam. If nothing appears I would contact your web host to run some checks.

Are you able to send and receive email using the same address through Apple Mail or whatever mail app you use on your computer?

Hi @Eleaidextension,
I ran into some troubles too with my webforms:
a few things to check:

  • if “send from” and “send to” are the same address, try to change one of them. Fromwhat I have read; It would be wise to have both addresses from the original website. So if website is, the adressen should be and

  • My problem was caused by my web host. He doesn’t support PHP mail anymore and advised me to use SMTP for sending mails. Might be worth a check.