Noob question: where to add div id?

I tried adding it as a custom HTML widget but that didn’t work. Just curious if anyone could clue me in. Here’s the code I’m trying to add.

<div id="caldwell_5658962204557312" class="agile_crm_form_embed"> <span style="display:none">Fill out my <a href="">online form</a></span></div>


You have a left angle bracket missing at the start of the code that you are trying to add.

<div id="caldwell_5658962204557312" ...

That bracket was supposed to be there. But this still doesn’t work when trying to add as an HTML widget.

I’d like it to embed/show the form, not show a link to the form.

Hi Brett, try without: style=“display:none”. Work fine for me.

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Good spot Pascal!