Not Blocs but WeatherguyNH :) Total eclipse

So, currently in Boston, after Philly and DC. NYC next, then near Buffalo, for the afternoon of the 8th April.

Hopefully you can give us a clear sky for the eclipse…!

You should have a terrific view near Buffalo…IF the clouds cooperate.
We have LOTS of cloudy days in the early spring, so I wish you the best of luck.
Are you taking pictures?
Please post…

Rich the Weather Guy

If I get good ones, will post. Got some wonderful shots 7 years ago and vowed to come back.

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Not far from the centre line, near Crystal Beach.

Cloudy :neutral_face:

Supposed to be 90-95% coverage here in Columbus, OH and 100% in NW OH. Will start in about an hour and max out in 2 hours. Temp here is perfect @ 70 degrees (F). Sky is fairly clear too.

Good luck to @WeatherguyNH and others in the eclipse path. :grinning:


I hope you enjoyed the Eclipse today!
We were over 95%…and got to watch from our driveway. It was spectacular!

Rich the Weather Guy

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So, we had fantastic clear skies for Sunday, yesterday, then fantastic clear skies for tonight, Monday. For the eclipse itself - a succession of glimpses, culminating in 2 secs of totality, then cloud, cloud, cloud.

Glad that we were here - we always knew it was a 50-60% chance of cloud, but it was still disappointing. So we are plotting our next one…

Too bad. The viewing was truly spectacular here in New Hampshire!

Here is the next one in the USA…Plan ahead. :smile:

Rich the Weather Guy