[NOT QUITE SOLVED] Owl carousel - height error when loading


I have no clue what to do. After page is loaded owl carousel nav dots are much lower than carousel it self. When I start using it, dots are going in right place. Anybody has any clue what to do ?

So one thing that I notice is DIV that contains carousel changes size for no reason.

Are you using the Owl Bric?

Yes this one: https://blocs.store/product/owl-carousel/
I also asked for support but I’m in hurry so any suggestion will help.

Yeah, I think you will need the developer to sort it. (Its hard to see why its doing that? What happens if you remove the images and re-add them?)

If its urgent, you can’t implement Owl2 yourself. Its not difficult, although the Bric makes handling the images a lot easier.

It would be nice. Unfortunately I’m too stupid for that. Still it is something really easy to repair (I think). It looks to me like something (maybe stage) is set to auto and it crashes with my settings.

so it seems that auto height is not working properly. I’ve added custom class through class editor
owl-carousel .owl-item. In dimension settings I did set right height in px (for each breakpoint).
It’s no elegant solution but it works for now.

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Like I said the other option if you short of time is to do it yourself, we have had discussions previous on the forum about it. I do own the Owl Bric, but I had issues with not being able to modify it.

Worth pointing out, Owl2 is depreciated, It still works really well, I love it, but Tiny Slide 2 is basically inspired by it and current. Its just as easy to setup too.

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