October CMS Forms

Hi guys, wondered if anyone has got their contact forms working when exporting their theme into october cms format and running on october cms.
Thanks :blush:

I tried exporting a project to October CMS recently and had trouble getting it to do practically anything. After a few hours of messing about I concluded it wasn’t a viable option, especially if intended for web clients.

I have trouble also getting October CMS and Blocs form to work together: I’m getting this error: undefined is not a function (near '...$('[data-form-type="blocs-form"] input,[data-form-type="blocs-form"] textarea').jqBootstrapValidation...')

@Norm, any idea what should be changed?

I haven’t had the error, but then I replace the blocs form with a plugin, it’s easy to make one yourself or use many of the free ones, that way clients have the flexibility to modify the form as they need over time.