OctoberCMS users - important info

There probably are not so many of us using OctoberCMS, but this is important news for future development.

October is moving to a paid subscription model. License per project or an unlimited license - both renewable each year.


I have to say, I am looking forward to taking the new version for a spin.


While I’m not a fan of subscription models, I was surprised to read that it’s only $9 per year for one project. I expected worse :wink:

Not that I’m using October CMS. Would love to learn how to use it, but I’d need a tutorial. I’d even PAY FOR IT :wink:


Me too! :man_student:t3:

I didn’t fancy the tech support fee though!!

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I would imagine the support fee has a multi purpose.

  1. Generate income
  2. Weed out the time wasters.

I have always viewed OctoberCMS as a developer CMS (rightly or wrongly?). That you can make simple for your clients to use.

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I will be honest - I have always liked the look of OctoberCMS, but with Volt and now Wordpress so heavy in Blocs - its taken a backwards place really.

You know the software very well and used it many times from memory on some of your old posts but I do not think I will shift as I am very very happy with the support from Jannis in Blocs and being a member here - is a HUGE thing for me.

But it would be good to have a play around with it one day.


It’s always about the right product for the job really.


Totally agree.

Its great to have this choice !

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Interesting to see that there had been a fallout between the owners and the maintainers of OctoberCMS. The maintainers have forked their own version, WinterCMS.

Nothing on the main website, except for a newsletter signup, but the code is on GitHub.


Yeah. It played out on twitter a little. Both parties have different stories about what happened. October has posted a job for paid full time developer recently. Which no doubt will annoy Luke.