Odd and unwanted zooming effect on iPhone

Hey all,

on wy wife’s website (work in progress), I see the top header area kinda zoomed into on my iPhone when I load the homepage and swipe down (to scroll up while being at the top of the page).

Can anyone confirm that and maybe has an idea what’s happening there? I see it happening in Safari on my MBP toon when I scroll up from the middle of the page rapidly. Like… quickly up with 2 fingers and then releasing the fingers to let the page scroll to the top. Easier to see and replicate on an iPhone though.

Never noticed that before.

@Norm can you confirm that and maybe have an idea what’s happening?

Link to the site: sandbox.fynndesign.de

Here’s a video, showing the effect in Safari on my MBP (Big Sur): http://sandbox.fynndesign.de/website-flickering.mov

Hi @pumpkin, I’m not noticing this on my iMac. I tried Chrome and Safari.

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Can you try that on a smartphone? It’s extremely visible on my iPhone XR.

On mobile I see a totally white screen with nothing but a mobile menu icon. When I scroll up the image zooms in.

Weird. I get the white screen also, like @Flashman, but if I hold on to the mobile menu icon and pull down slightly, that lovely watercolour zooms in, then the copy box - but upside down!

On my iPhone, I’m seeing the same as @Flashman and @TrevReav. Indeed when scrolling up the text turns upside down.

That is so weird… and it only happens on the homepage, not on any of the other pages…

@Norm Heeeelp :open_mouth:

Yay me. I got it sorted. Seems I played around with some scroll fx zoom settings at an earlier stage and didn’t reset them. This is what I found on a bloc and a row:

Screenshot 2020-11-22 at 23.20.52

I set it back to X and … tadaa … no zooming issues anymore. At least not for me :upside_down_face:

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And fixed on my phone too!!

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