Odd Behavior When Initiating Scrolling (from top of page)

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I just launched a new Blocs website here: www.fischerbrosllc.com

I’m having an odd issue where, when the page loads, everything looks great, but once you begin scrolling, the dynamic content jumps DOWN about 70px and THEN goes UP (the way it’s supposed to).

I did add some code in the ‘Page Settings’ area in order to accomplish the secondary header (the dark blue one). I’m suspecting that’s the culprit. I just don’t know how to fix it because I don’t understand this “jumping down” behavior… Here’s the code snippet I’ve added to the ‘Add Code’ area of the Page Settings (on very page).

(see screenshot of code snippet)
Any help greatly appreciated!

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Hello @Creative, you have a div which has a padding-top of 70px when scrolling down. The div class name is “page-container”.

If you do not have it in the class manager for setting it to 0px, you can add the following code in the code area in the page settings. You have to add it between the opening <style> and closing </style> tag


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@webplus, Thanks so much! That fixed it! I’m curious to know (if you do) why the padding is only an issue once I begin to scroll down the page? As you could see, the placement of the .page-container was correct on page load. Thank you again! :sunglasses:

You are welcome. The padding is only added, after you start scrolling. Before scrolling, the top-padding is not preset.

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Hi Randall
Sounds like similar path we are on. How many sites have you built with Blocs?

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@HMM, I haven’t had Blocs quite a year yet. I’ve worked on about 6 websites. I’m trying to learn enough about Blocs to be able to keep the project native in Blocs if at all possible, without having to export and further edit in a text editor. i’ve done that on a large project and it was extremely time-consuming and wearying… this last website mentioned above in this post is native to Blocs. The CSS tweaks were done inside Blocs. I still have not yet attached a CSS style sheet which would be nice as it would affect ALL pages with one stylesheet. The way I did this site is to add CSS code (identical code) to EACH page - in the Page Settings in the ‘Add Code’ window. What about you?

I bought Blocs a while back…I have it being tested for potential use with many of the clients I consult for. I or someone else will have to teach them how to “admin” to it.

Most clients say they want to access and make their own changes. As of right now I have not had any problem convincing them why in actual practice they probably won’t do as much as they think. We spell check, grammar, proper design, better messaging and a lot more than untrained office personnel can do. If the fee is small enough or a monthly fee…it’s not a problem. Otherwise it’s WordPress or Cold Fusion.

Back to Blocs. I’ve built a dozen or so sites with Blocs. Each time though we run into some time consuming roadblocks. Many of which would be easily dealt with with a few more features. The concept of Blocs and it’s UI are great…but in practice there is a lot still missing…imo :grinning:
I’m hoping the new version 3 contains more improvements.

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@webplus, that’s so Interesting… why do you think the purpose of that is? Perhaps it forces the entire website (normally the header as well) down in order to leave room above for the browser navigation bar on a device? Again, thank you so much. I can’t imagiine I’d have ever figured that one out on my own because I’ve never encountered this behavior of padding being added when scrolling is initiated. Warm Regards, Randy :slight_smile:

@HMM, you echo the sentiments of everyone here who actually use Blocs to build client websites. I looked and see I purchased Blocs on 12-1-17, so I’m coming up on a year in a couple months. In that time, I’ve been pretty actively engaged here in the forum, and have seen a fairly steady addition of improvements to Blocs even in that short 10 month period. I’m quite sure @Norm (founder) is well aware of the most important items on everyone’s “wish list” and will do all he can to add those features/functionality over time. Like you, I’m super anxious to see Blocs v3 unveiled as I know it will contain many new enhancements.

Prior to using Blocs, I used Adobe Brackets and just wrote raw code. The moment I saw Blocs though, I knew it was for me, because it freed me up to focus more on design than coding. It automates so many otherwise drudgerous (is that a word? if not, it should be haha) tasks and makes them quick and easy. I LOVE THAT.

My hope is that Blocs continues to get better and better, with the robust features we developers all want and need in order to build truly top-notch websites.

I’m currently working on my first Blocs project which incorporates the CMS you alluded to. I’m using Pulse. I’ve found it a bit complex to work with, but in fairness, this website is for a Property Management company and utilizes Pulse to create and manage a fairly large database of apartment listings information and accompanying photos. I actually brought in a fellow developer who’s stronger in back-end coding to help accomplish this complex integration, which includes a search function and map screens.

Oh, and one more thing… if you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend @Eldar 's training video series for Blocs. It’s been an indispensable resource for me, especially in the early stages. I continue to refer to certain sections of the videos as needed and am often prodding @Eldar to make more, covering different areas. Here’s a link to the videos if you’re interested: https://eldargezalov.com/

I’d love to check out some of your websites built with Blocs if you want to share.

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I appreciate Eldars videos…I do think as a company Blocs should include a set of basic video tutorials. More detailed specific tips and tricks makes sense to pay for. But, to me, I would never encourage selling a product that requires some basic education to charge for “how to instructions” to use it.
Eldar has done a very good job creating for free some excellent videos. They are so well done they should be a part of Blocs. More involved videos can be charged for. When you buy a camera it doesn’t teach you lighting, composing etc. but today’s companies have learned to compete more effectively they have to offer something extra.
All the sites we designed were testing sites. Not totally on board yet. Still waiting to see what develops.
We still use WordPress, Cold Fusion and other platforms. I’ve seen some really spectacular sutesbuilt with Blocs. But there is more to sites than the visual. Semantic structure, code weight, meta data, how java scripts are written, site maps that include url, video and image maps. Proper SEO. Heavy usage of background images is not good. A few here and there is okay. I teach so there is too much to put here. Although it sure looks like I tried!:grinning:
We have some large accounts…Some are over $50 million annually. So you can’t afford to make a mistake. I think the small one person business is deserving of the same treatment
I really want to just help small to medium sized business at this stage of my life.
After building a half dozen businesses of my own over the years I need to slow down a bit.
There are a lot of new “next thing” platforms with great aspirations but these upstarts need some people with a better business background. Most may know how to code, build apps etc. but have very little experience in building and maintaining a business…the other guy is always trying to out do you. It’s very competitive as you know with your own experience.

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