Odd? html page renamed as index and put into folder after export

Hi, I have just exported a new site I’m developing which so far has a limited number of pages: index, page1 and page2. Although these pages have those names entered in page settings after export to a local directory they appear named index.html inside folders named page1 and page2.

No idea why this is happening, nor where to investigate next. Any suggestions welcome.

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If you do not want this, uncheck clean page URLs in the project setting.


Thanks Jerry. I’ll know in future.

  • Review the export settings you used. Some tools have an option to “place each page in a subfolder” or similar, which would lead to the behavior you’re seeing. Look for such settings and ensure they’re disabled.
  • Verify the “filename format” or “output naming” options. Some tools allow customizing filenames during export. Ensure it’s set to include the actual page name, not just index.html .
  • Take a peek at the exported HTML files and their headers. Sometimes, the page title might be set to “index” even if the filename is different. This can be misleading in your file system view.
  • Check for any JavaScript or meta tags within the HTML that might be redirecting or setting a base URL. This could potentially cause your browser to display “index.html” despite the actual filename.
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Great pointers that I’ll make a note of, thanks John.