Off Topic - Or not ! - Touch Bar for non new MBP

Hello to all,

I find a nice “app” that enables Touch Bar in our not so new MBP.

  • There is my MBP and Blocs working with this new app:

  • Safari and Blocs Community:

*Screen Capture and Touch Bar definitions:

There is the app if anyone wants:

And you can edit the start shortcuts of the Touch Bar as the normal one, in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Control Strip:

Sorry about this OFF TOPIC… :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:

Wow. I have a Mac with a Touch Bar now, otherwise I would try it out.

@Pealco, do you find it assists your workflow or slows it down? (I am still getting used to using the Touch Bar.)

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I may give this a go on my 2010 Mac Pro; the world’s lightest and most portable computer.

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Well, I think this is only a nice bar, but after a day or two I was using even more and more.
I think this is a special feature and helps very much with specific buttons.

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Is that where Forklift is not just an FTP client, but a moving assistant device.

Not sure I would trust such an app, as it’s not available on the App Store.

It’s an open source project using private APIs, which would break the App Store rules. If it was malicious it wouldn’t survive long on GitHub. The original author also has several apps on the store.

There are actually many great apps that haven’t been put on the App Store, eg. Handbrake, Forklift FTP (latest version). The App Store is great, but it can hinder the features of some apps.

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