Offset to the left?

Hey guys,

Sorry, am I missing an easy to to equally offset columns to the left?

Hello Soltechie,

could you please elaborate a little bit more about your problem in what you want to achieve, maybe with a screenshot. It makes it easier for us forum members to help you. :wink:

One way could be to assign a class to each of the columns.

Sure! I just mean when you physically hit the “Offset” button, columns move to the right always. 35%20PM What if in theory I wanted to Offset but —4 to the Left rather than +4 to the right?

I don’t believe Bootstrap 4 supports negative offsets, since it works within columns of 12.

Can you explain the situation you need a neg 4 offset, there maybe an alternative method to achieve what you’re doing. Because wanting a neg 4 suggests your taking the column out of view??

Basically, I’ve got a 3 Bloc Group and I’ve offset the column selected in blue +4 so it views better in the center of the page. As for the column on the far right, +4 offsets it out of view, where as a -4 would equally match the blue column on the left.

If I understand you correctly…
so you want to reduce this gap (red circle) to match the gap between the first column and second column? But keep the offset of the first column. (you can reduce the rows of the second column… but a better solution, I find is this…)

I often do this…
Place one column in the bloc. Then inside that one column I place 3 columns. I would then set the single column to 10 rows with an offset of 1, or 8 rows with an offset of 2. The 3 columns can then be 4 rows each.

This way the 3 column remains the same and I can control the placement with the outer single column.

My apologizes, I’m not sure I follow.

This may help @soltechie


Hope that explains what I was meaning.