Old Forum Is Going Down Soon


Hey folks just a quick note to make you aware that the old forum will be going down permanently, most likely by the end of August. We are upgrading our hosts and need to do a little maintenance prior to that, plus we want to use that sub domain for something more useful.

If there is anything you need from that forum please make a personal backup, anything you think is really useful on there, let me know and I’ll add it to the docs.

Old Forum


Thanks Norm for the reminder.
There really are some useful hints on that forum.
So folks have a look and copy.


Hey Norm thanks for the update. Is there anyway to completely make a backup of the Forum?
There is so much help info and links. No time to go through them all.


Oh, I didn’t know the old forum… nice. I would have a question: What software is the “new” forum running on? Regards Robert


I’m pretty sure it’s Discourse


Its Discourse.


thank you very much!