One gallery page october cms in a Blocs web site

Hello guys,

I have built a web site with Blocs app and my customers would like to add a page with a gallery for their new projects, that links to a different page for every project.

Can I do this with Blocs and October cms?

The web site is and I have made only the Greek version, I don’t know how, but their programmers managed to make the English version!

Hi @dsam, Yes very easily in October. If you install the builder plugin you can make up a quick plugin for them to self manage it. Although it doesn’t look like your site is currently using OctoberCMS?

No, it’s not. It is made with Blocs and I want to add a page with October cms and then to add some more on that page

@dsam It would be easier to re-expot your site as an OctoberCMS theme, get that working on October. You will have a little work to do, because of the dual language.

Then you can do it a couple of different ways, you can make the project pages manually after that, but if you want your client to be able to create and update the projects themselves, a simple plugin would be the way to go.

Or you ignore using OctoberCMS all together and just manually code the project area and project pages. You could use Blocs to create a template page for these though.