Online Resources

A list of online resources I found that may be useful for web designers. Perhaps others can add to this list.

Color: Colorion
Color: Color Hunt
Color: ColorBlender
Color: COLOURlovers
Color: Coolors - Material Golor Generator
Color: Flat UI Colors
Color: Pantone Colors
Color: Paletton

eCommerce: Clover Donations
eCommerce: ecwid
eCommerce: Gumroad
eCommerce: Stripe

Fonts: Base64 Encoder
Fonts: Create Font from SVG (Glyphter)
Fonts: DMS “Highway Gothic”
Fonts: Font Squirrel
Fonts: Font Subsetter
Fonts: FontSpace
Fonts: modulator | metaflop
Fonts: Orchard Title “Oregon”
Fonts: Proxima Nova
Fonts: Web Font Generator (like FontSquirrel | Use base64)
Fonts: WOFF Font Converter

Graphics: | Compress SVGs
Graphics: Delaunay Triangulations
Graphics: DPI love :heart: Find the DPI/PPI
Graphics: Hero Patterns (SVGs)
Graphics: SVGOMG - Clean SVG
Graphics: SVG Tools
Graphics: Trianglify Vector Generator
Graphics: Triangulate Images - Low Poly

How-to: Markdown Syntax

Icons: Captain Icon - Hand Drawn Style
Icons: Font Awesome
Icons: flaticon
Icons: Entypo
Icons: Free Vector Icons
Icons: IcoMoon App
Icons: iconmelon
Icons: iconmonstr
Icons: ionicons
Icons: Icon Converter
Icons: Nasty Icons
Icons: Favicon Generator
Icons: Favicon Generator, X-Icon
Icons: IKONS - 300 Free Vector Icons
Icons: Typicons - Like FontAwesome

Miscellaneous: A Log List with Various Resource Types

Patterns: Subtle Patterns

SEO: Google AdWords Keyword Planner
SEO: Headline Analyzer
SEO: Keyword Density Analyzer Tool
SEO: Keyword Tool
SEO: Nibbler
SEO: SEMrush
SEO: SimilarWeb
SEO: Ubersuggest
SEO: Varvy Tools for Google Webmaster Guidelines
SEO: Website Speed Test

Software: ImageOptim (Compression)
Software: MAMP Local Server
Software: AMPPS Local Server (Free)

Stock Images: Design Shock (Vectors)
Stock Images: FindA.Photo
Stock Images: Gratisography
Stock Images: List of Free Resources
Stock Images: Makerbook
Stock Images: NASA Galleries
Stock Images: New Old Stock
Stock Images: New York Public Library
Stock Images: Pexels
Stock Images: photodune
Stock Images: picjumbo
Stock Images: Pixabay
Stock Images: Pixeden
Stock Images: Unsplash
Stock Videos: coverr (Free Videos)


Thanks Flashman :+1:

Nice collection :grin:

Very helpful! Thanks @Flashman for collecting it :slight_smile:

Interesting stuff, good share

The MotherLoad. Great stuff in there. Thanks.

Thanks so much for putting this list together. :slight_smile:
Here are some good rules to follow.

Video Sources CC0 license:

Images Sources CC0 license:

@Flashman Thank you for this list, it’s well researched. Would be great to update it from time to time with upcoming resources.

Everybody is welcome to add posts below with new resources. My original idea was for the forum to have a page dedicated to resources.

Awesome list! Thank you! I’d like to contribute with one I like for creating web-friendly sized videos, for those who shoot their own and would like to reduce the sizes for your page backgrounds, etc. I didn’t see it listed:

Software: Handbrake (open source, free):

Thank you. :slight_smile:

This is an online scan to check and grade your SSL implementation is great for checking header info being sent out by your server for your domain.

I think we need a proper wiki for resources where we can all contribute.

If you want to quickly check links on your Blocs page you can use this simple site: