Only homepage indexed in Google Search Console


I noticed that with blocs only the homepage is valid in Google Search Console, the other pages are excluded.

When is use the robots.txt Tester for that page I get the green message “Allowed”

What could be wrong?

Have you enabled indexing on the various page settings?

Hi yes all pages have this setting

Are you exporting a sitemap with all pages included?

Also, avoid duplicate words all over there . It’s a good practice to provide differents terms for title, description & keywords.

Do you have a link to the site? It would help diagnosing the issue.


is the website


Hi there,

It looks like the website is very new without many backlinks pointing to it. In my experience Google will often prioritise the indexing of main index until more link weight is generated to the domain. Sometimes Google needs a little persuasion to do some work.

Try creating a few links to the site and see if the situation changes.

Also take a look at the size of your images, some are quite large: