Open Menu Attached to Wrong Menu


I’m using Blocs v2.4.0. My mac’s os is Sierra Version 10.12.6.

I am using Menu Manager. It was working fine before I updated menu as I added some pages.

What I did was:

  1. Created Drop Down menu.
  2. Added 4 of new menus.
  3. On Primary Menu, I created 4 open menus for those new menus.

When I checked preview, Open Menu was attached to wrong menu.
For example, I created Open Menu #1 to open Menu #A.
But on preview, when I clicked on Open Menu #1, it opens Menu #B.

Because of this problem, I created menu from the beginning.
Then when I added more pages and update menu, it’s happening again.

Maybe this is a bug? I need help.
Thanks in advance.


found an answer?