Open on Export

Open the directory the site was exported to. This would make updating the site via FTP and that easier.

Most ftp clients have both a ‘put’ command that lets you select files for upload without opening a finder window, as well as a kind of mirror setting or shortcut document that automatically syncs a local directory with one on a server.

Furthermore, I use Keyboard Maestro to run a macro that runs BBEdit text factories to update any files that have manual tweaks to them, and then runs the mirror doc to upload files… all from a single menu item or keystroke combo.

IMHO, Blocs need not do any of this as there are scads of tools already available to automate the process to a point that would never be possible within Blocs.

I don’t want to automate the uploading process, that doesn’t fit what I need as the directories I upload the exported files to depends on the state of the project (if they even get uploaded or now) and the client. I just need it to open the directory in a finder window that I exported to.

That is doable using a folder action.