Opening a Modal in a Modal

I want to open a modal from a modal. So far so good; but there occurs a small problem.
After opening and closing the second modal. The first modal is stuck and can’t move anymore. So you can’t scroll back to the top to close it…
It would be nice if it could scroll again, it would be great if that modal would close when the second modal pops up…

No one? :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Hello @Mattheus, please can you please explain a little bit more about your request?
I will try to help you…

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Not sure if my answer is right, but as far as I understood it would mean to place a brick into a brick.
I tried this before with “Text Brick” and wasn´t successful.

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Hi Pealco,
thanks already for trying.
My idea is the following;

  • in a modal, a visitor can open another modal (to view a photo with some text). The should be able to close the modal, go back to the first modal, read on and be able to close that modal too.
    But what happens is the following;
    The first modal opens fine, but when the visitor opens the second modal and closes it… the first modal is stuck. It can’t be scrolled…

To show you what I mean (this is a website I’m still working on): scroll a bit down to PODIA, this will open the first modal, scroll to the bottom of that modal, there are 4 photo’s of stages, the first one I am using to test the second modal. You’ll see what happens when you close that modal…

@Mattheus add the following atribute to your modal:

Name: overflow-y
Value: scroll

Try if it works, I’m on iPad so I can’t try it but if don’t work tomorrow I’ll find a solution.

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Thanks Pealco for taking time to solve this. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Tried on both modals…

Hello, now I’m with laptop…
Go to page settings, and add the following code:

.modal { overflow: auto !important; }

Try it please…


Superb!!! That worked!!!

Sorry @Norm, not you… but PEALCO is my hero today!