Opening a new BLOCs window

How do i open more than 1 blocs window at the same time.

For example i want to be able to open an existing project and then open a brand new project, but not in the same window, but to have them side by side

At present, I don’t think this is supported in Blocs.

Send in a feature suggestion though.

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wow, i thought this was a simple question. Will do

Probably related to local host. I’m not sure.

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I like Blocs in many ways. Though this thing you mention here seems to be a typical Blocs behaviour: Never more than one function at a time. I don’t know anything about “bootstrap” but may this be the reason which may make more than one thing at a time impossible forever? Or, what is the reason? Like grouping things…

@Recce43 you might want to delete your other duplicate thread on this.

I asked about this a long time ago with Blocs 2. At the time I believe it wasn’t enabled because it would have caused performance issues. I don’t know if that is still the case.

do i have a second thread on this? ummm cannot find it in my list will take another look when i have time

You put it as a Wishlist thread as well. Open multiple blocs projects side by side

indeed, yes i did, because it is something i would like to do and by the looks of it, others too.