Opening Hours showing wether ist is Now Open or Now Closed

Hi all, do you know, if it is possible with Blocs to show the Opening Hours saying on the top if it is open at the moment or closed? My job ist at the moment to rebuild a website which exists, and this one has got this feature. Here a screenshot of this part, now showing “Now closed” (in German):

I was also wondering if this is possible. Something like “We’re open!” or “Sorry, we’re closed” depending on time of the day. It would need to be different for each day eg: different hours on Saturday and Sunday.

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I have this on one of my clients. What I have done is having 3 webpages and at 00:00 I have a rule to delete for example clock.html and copy from another folder the new clock.html, and so on with the rest of the files.
So 3 folders with 3 files clock.html and with a rule in server delete the public one and replace from the one you want from the specific folder.

So you are free to have what you want.
And I have another client that with some code if it is only text automatically change every day at some hour.

I use this in some landing pages from my clients WiFi connections in some restaurants. At 23:00 the landing page changes from the login one to one with: sorry we are closed, we are happy to have you here tomorrow at 09:00.

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