Opinions - Naming cities for SEO

I am not a web designer and this is my second site the first 10 years ago for my business.
Back then there was a lot more text content and content was king. In the text and blogs we would populate the names of various cities with the thought of ranking higher in a specific area search. Such as photographer in (name of city). We would use creative ways to name those cities.

Additional we would put in a paragraph of “cities that we serve” or “Our primary market areas”…
It did work for awhile.

We would sometime put in a city name in an image alt tag. (I am assuming the word ALT in the Blocs data section of an image means the same).

So I am asking if any of these techniques help, hinder or not relevant today. OR

Would putting city names in the keywords and SEO in the page description be a better solution today?
I don’t want Google to think i am loading words. Nor do I expect to drastically improve page ranking using this but I would use it if the current thinking believe it to be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


We have now evolved in to pure spam and no originality.

On page seo is pretty simple now. Don’t be spammy. Have an H1 and H2 header with your city and a keyword you want to target just make sure they are different, an H3 linking the city a few keywords throughout your content bold a couple of keywords. Make sure Title doesn’t match your url (spammy) Try to get your keyword in the first sentence of the description. If you have more than 1 city do this for individual pages for each city without duplicating content