Optimizing image backgrounds for different breakpoints [VIDEO]



A couple of users here have asked me before about optimizing image backgrounds to look better on mobile devices, so I thought I should share my latest free video tutorial on this topic with the community.

Hopefully, it will be helpful to somebody! :slight_smile:


Mind blowing to me, although so simple. Of course! Breakthrough and exactly what I needed since this afternoon to make 3 pictures working in the new website I am doing. Thanks so very much Eldar. :pray:


Brilliantly Simple!
No more duplicating the Desktop Bloc and making different Blocs for Tablet and Mobile.


@Eldar Thanks, that’s brilliant :wink:


This method works a treat. Although I’ve noticed that the background images don’t seem to be loaded via lazyload.

@Norm is there any possibility of adding background images to lazyload functionality?

Not really a problem until you use multiple hero type blocks in your design then suddenly there’s a pretty large initial page load.

Thanks in advance