Option select in a mail form


Hi all,
I have a (hopefully) small problem that I cannot fix myself. I want to create a form on a website. So fa so good…
But now I also want a “option select” function in that mail form. I got it working, but the mail I receive is looking something like this:

You have received a new message.
Name_45344: John Doe
Adres_45344: Shrekstreet 1
Woonplaats_45344: 1234AB FarFarAway
Telefoonnummer_45344: 12345678
Email_45344: johndoe@me.com
Datum_45344: 20-10-20
Select_2261: 0
Message_45344: test test

As you can see; the select answer is 0… can I somehow change this in the text that is selected?
as in
option 1 > size L
option 2 > size XL etc.


I think this is what you want:

Select the option select bric. Open the the select editor from the sidebar. Click on the option settings next to each option and change the value there to “size L”, “size XL”, etc.

Also, to make it cleaner in your email, change “Name_45344” just to “Name” in the ID field at the top of the sidebar.


Hi @Mattheus

The text and values can be modified in the Select Editor (right hand side):




You both are my heroes!!! Fantastic!! Thanks a lot!!!


You’re welcome.