So what’s the deal on this? I use local webfonts. Yesterday I added a local webfont in Preferences > Blocs font manager and created a CSS style using said font. Today I open my file and see in the CSS editor the name “OTS-derived-font” instead of the “real” font name. ???

I’ve never heard of OTS derived fonts before. I am wondering what the font is and where it came from. These days you basically want to add ttf, woff and woff2. Eot and SVG are effectively redundant.

That’s exactly what I did. This has to do with the name that is shown in the CSS editor font field.

I have seen anomalies in the past with the way a font is named in the finder and the way it appears in Blocs. I gather this is down to information that Blocs extracts from the fonts and down to the font designer. Lato springs to mind, which sometimes appears as Lato300 and other times as Lato Lite. I have a purchased font called Muller that has naming inconsistencies as well.

Are you viewing this CSS in a browser? Or is this in the exported CSS file?

No I guess I wasn’t clear. I am referring to the name that is shown in the Blocs software in the style editor. Instead of showing the correct font name Blocs shows „OTS derived font“

Yes that comes back to what I said earlier. Basically there is data inside the fonts themselves that we cannot see, however Blocs relies on it for the naming. If the font designer did not complete that area properly it will lead to odd results in Blocs and elsewhere.

I have seen this with a few fonts, though none listed as OTS-derived. Your best bet is to contact the font designer and query this if you find this creates workflow issues.


OK, thanks for the tip!

guys thanks I solved the problem