Overlapping image with text column (NOT using background image)

Hi. I would love to have an image overlap (but not be covered totally by) text. But I don’t want to use a background image and fill a whole bloc (unless I can adjust the size/margins of background image, which I haven’t found). So. Picture on the right a portrait on the left is a pricelist. I want the photo with a maybe 60% opacity in the background of the row/column. Is this possible and how??
Thank you all for your kind help! :slight_smile:

Not in front of the computer, but I think you can do this by adjusting margins to positive or negative, whatever suits your needs.
I’ve done it vertically, but not horizontally.
You may Then have to then set a z-index (thanks to @Malachiman for pointing me in the right direction there!)
Best of luck.