Padding top or bottom - custom classes

I’ve thrown myself into Blocs for the last couple of days and it’s starting to click, how to do things more quickly. My first simple 9 page site took a day to put up and now I’d probably do it in a few hours, which I could only dream of using Rapidweaver.

Last night I started playing with custom classes for the first time following the guidance from Norm in this post Blocs and inserting code from other sources

I can clearly see how to add padding on the left or right side of an object, but how on earth do I add it to top or bottom only? It seems like padding has to be added equally at top and bottom. I thought this might be done via the options for initial or inherit, but they don’t seem to do anything.

The square box with a blue frame inside to the left of the padding controls lets you set the target side, the options you have selected are the floats (not related).

Pay close attention to the separators in the class editor, they are used to define the beginning and end of particular styling controls.

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Thanks @Norm that’s starting to make a lot more sense now and I’ll keep experimenting with the custom classes now. I can see this could be really powerful and a good video tutorial going through the different sections would be invaluable for newer users. The big problem with having used Rapidweaver is that it only teaches you how to use Rapidweaver, so anything like this is a bit of a departure.

In relation to your point about paying attention to the separators, I wonder if there is a case here for strongly coloured lines that contrast with the surrounding colours when selected for editing. If you have two or three blocs with the same coloured blue background a strong red dividing line around the chosen element would make the separation clearer.