Page navigation - Blocs 5

I’ve just upgraded to Blocs 5 and the first thing I have noticed is the dropdown page navigation that used to be in the top right corner has disappeared. This was a handy feature rather than flicking between layer and page panels on the left. Is there some new trick to switching between pages quickly without having to flick between the layer tree and page panels that I am missing?

It’s at the top of the layer tree left side.

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I think you missed my question, where did the quick and easy dropdown page navigator go (top right) that was in Blocs 4 so you didn’t have to keep flicking between between the layer tree and page panel?

It’s in the layer tree, the first layer, it’s a drop-down menu.

Ahh, great. I’ll be honest in say that’s not very easy to see or indicate it’s the page nav dropdown, but thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

It makes way more sense as all navigation is together now.