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Don’t know if I am the only one, but in some sites I have built in blocs, there is a little horizontal scroll to the left. Anyone knows why is this happening? I have this issue with all the versions of blocks. Now I am running the latest.


Great site. Didn’t see the horizontal scroll.

At some screen widths the logo overlaps the menu.

Thanks! I think it happens only in safari with the Magic Mouse. Firefox and chrome works fine.
I know at 1024px the navbar overlaps the logo but I can’t remove the icons :frowning:

Nice Site! Did you try setting the menu to Hamburg style menu on tablet view?


Ah! yes, I see it in Safari. I don’t think anyone will really notice or care too much.

Thanks! You mean setting styling the text when the menu is open? Not tried yet!

It’s just a detail, but it bothers me :smiley:

A couple of things you could do. Try setting the menu settings in the sidebar to Hamburg style on the tablet view or edit the nav settings class for less pad between the text links.


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The safari horizontal scroll looks like it might be related to the size of the vertical scrollbar.

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On both tablet and mobile I set the hamb. menu, but the overlap is on 1024px with so any desktop screen with this size it will be overlapped. I will reduce the padding

I test my sites here

Nice test site, have not seen that one before.


Its a very good option to test in different devices and resolutions!