Page Transition


The background of my pages are black and when I change the page there is a white flash during the transition. So I bought “Page transition” and put the background in black but the problem is still the same. Do you have a solution?
Thank you and good day

Does that only happen on your host or local as well.

You can get this effect with very slow load times.

This is an issue that has plagued us for quite some time. It’s mainly due to the way some browsers work. For example, it wasn’t too long ago when chrome was particularly susceptible to this issue. That was due to the page being displayed before all the js and css elements have been fully loaded. In contrast, other browsers would wait for everything to be loaded before displaying the page. If the page IS displayed before everything is loaded, you will momentarily see a blank white page which we see as a flash.

The issue may also be as a result of a particularly large hero image on the page which takes a little time to load. However, this isn’t usually a problem because things like page colour are usually part of the CSS that gets loaded first. I would try playing with some of the export options in Blocs to see if that improves things. For example, enabling and disabling lazy load. Also remove any pre-loaders that you may have installed.

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Thank you both for responding so quickly. Like you said : in the “projects setting” and I unchecked the “preloader” and I no longer have white flash during the transitions pages
Thank you again