Pages in another folders

Hello, I need (everybody needs ;)) to do my websites with real tree (in another folders), for example:



Maybe you need this, but I don’t need this. What “everybody needs” is up to each user. :slight_smile:


It’s coming later this year :+1:


I wish I could double like that post.

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so you will need this :wink:


Is there now support for folders?

A year has passed so I repeat the question :slight_smile: What about the tree-like file structure? We all want to be able to add folders and place files there directly from the program, which results in saving time - now it looks like every generated file that I have to place in a subfolder, I need to link editing html / php - is it that far in the amenities queue ? :slight_smile:

It’s on the list and down as an improvement to help with SEO. So it’s coming at some point, possibly in Blocs v4 as it requires a lot of work to implement and restructure the options available.