Pages other than Index exported to separate folder

The title says it all really.
I’m doing a couple of pages for a prospective client to have a look at and when I export the full site, the index.html is in the root folder, and the who we are page is exported in a folder called “who we are” and called index.html within it.
When I open the real index page up locally on my Mac and navigate to the who we are page, it just opens up the folder on my desktop.
I’ve checked the page settings and it’s called who-we-are, so not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Any thoughts?

Thats a feature, its called clean URL’s.

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Cheers Norm - using Muse (and before that, Freeway, I’ve never come across it before. Nice to know I haven’t done something stupid!

BTW, just finished my first site in Blocs, and all went very smoothly indeed, just about to start my second and really enjoying the learning curve. A few little bits I can’t get my head around, but I’ll keep on trying.

Thanks again.