Paid Custom Bric: Stop motion w/ Scroll Trigger

Any freelancer interested in integrating this: … into one of my Blocs project in a Code Widget (Script Snippet) ? I’ll pay in advance.

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You could probably do this yourself with some help from this forum.

I could. Or I’m willing to pay, learn from what someone did … and improve it myself.

Contact @Pealco

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Thank you @KBConcepts

Hi @Pealco I googled you … not sure how I can contact you for this… :wink:

This should work or you use the Forum’s messenger.

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Hello @bmeunier I could help. But its not fair, as I helped other users before, and don’t charge nothing and now charge you in first help. So I will publish the solution, and then if you wold like to buy me a coffee I send you my pp address. Is it ok for you?


Absolutely @Pealco. I would love to give it for free anyway, on a github open-source or on your snippet page … in exchange for a couples of coffee, my treat.

Hello @bmeunier, in this case I don’t have nothing to do with the solution, and you have to credit all in full to @MiguelR. He was very kind to make the solution and wrap it in a bloc.
So there you have the solution, in a bloc file:

stopMotion_apple.bloc (195.1 KB)

Please if you feel the need to pp a coffee to someone it should be to @MiguelR.

Note: Thank you for your honesty @MiguelR, probably we will talk soon…

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