Parallax and off page targets not working

I just launched the new version of my website today but two issues I can’t seem to figure out.

  1. the background images aren’t parallaxing and

  2. the buttons that have have specific targets on another page aren’t linking. The links to the other pages work, but not if they are using a target, though they worked great in offline preview.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Some comments from my web hosting guy:

I’m getting the page… It’s just timing out on something remote which is resulting in insane load times… And, when it does load, it’s like the html is whacked


Interestingly enough… when I load AFTER it’s initial failure, it all just comes up and displays gorgeously!!

Really need this website to work and display properly… Any ideas out there?? I would happily pay someone to fix this at this point. We have a celebrity stunt scheduled next week and this absolutely has to go live and be functional and look nice by then due to the increased publicity we will be getting

@Norm … anyone? Help!

All seems to working fine here. Parallax working and all buttons appear to work - maybe you can be more specific about which buttons aren’t linking correctly.

I believe the parallax is just not working on mobile, I’ve since been told that mobile parallax does not work as a general rule. I’m not sure why it was working in preview mode in the software if that’s the case, but I’ve now deleted that aspect from the mobile design and will re-export soon.

For the buttons not working, it’s the “Read the FAQS” and “Meet the Team” buttons on the Skydive Tandem page. I set these to “targets” on another page (the FAQS page) as I had read how to do from other help threads on this forum. Everything worked great in preview mode. Live, however, it says the page does not exist.

Additionally, I’ve now been told that the VIEWPORT DATA did not get exported. I looked in the code myself and sure enough, viewport data does not exist. I re-exported, hoping it would fix, but no. No viewport data. The thing is, I do not know enough about viewport data to fix this myself or I would just insert the code but now it seems all of my hardwork at creating a responsive website is just a waste unless I can figure out how to get the viewport data in there.

I’ve been using Blocs since 2016 and honestly I really enjoy the program, but some of these issues have made me think twice about continuing to upgrade or use the services after this. There’s no reason I should be able to design a whole website based on preview modes displaying options and capabilities that actually were never designed to work in the first place and then having to undo all of that work, which is more work, and still have it NOT work because it won’t export correctly. Frustration.