Parallax background behaviour different on mobile? / Global background image


I have just started using blocs and wondered if there is a way to set the global background of the page?

I have not found a way to do this, so for each block I have set the background image to be the same and ticked the parallax checkbox. This appears to work fine except the behaviour is different on tablet/mobile?

I would be grateful if anyone had any advice here…

many thanks,


Hey Nalin,

There is not a default for this in the system settings as all Blocs need to have a background colour, its something we hope to add in the future when Blocs will support transparent backgrounds.

This is correct, its switched off on mobile by the mobile OS browser.

Thanks for the prompt reply Norm.

Is there anything you can suggest regarding what to do on Mobile in that case?

The background should just display as normal on mobile and Tablet.

Yes, but then I get three instances of the backgrounds rather than a single unified image, which looks wrong…

See here:

do you get the same problem on Mobile if you deactivate the parallax effect on the Blocs?

I’ve just tested it in Blocs on the simulator and as expected it simply reproduces the background in each bloc.

I guess the main issue is that the behaviour is different on mobile than it is on the web browser and there’s nothing that can be done about it. My goal is to have a global backdrop but that’s not yet supported in blocs…

It is possible but it needs to be done with custom classes and some custom css added to the page.

Not sure if this is the answer, but have you tried a single bloc, then add brics to construct the page layout you need, then add the single image to the bloc. I did this when I wanted a single background image on mobile and tablet.

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Really simple approach, never thought of that!

Thanks MartinC - I’ll give it a go!