Parallax effect

I have noticed that on an iPad i don’t see the parallax effect on a blocs site but some sites i do see the effect on my iPad
Why? and is there anything I’m doing wrong?


No, Blocs uses a background position class rule to apply the Parallax, this is blocked by the mobile OS as its a drain on battery.

But why?
Or have these those simply cleverly solved.
or on the iPhone also:ürgen-Vogel/93/photos

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PS.: Looks at my iPhoneSE of course.
I’m sorry … I just ask.
I know you should be the wizard for all
who do not understand the code.

Not because it’s nice … but it works.

Got it thanks

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Here is a very interesting effect for me: Who can tell me how to realize this blur transition to my webpage?

But Norm How come they don’t block some site and some they do ?
on some site you do see the paralax effect ??

They use a more complex method to achieve it. It’s done with JS. I’m hoping at some point in the future to get back round to updating the parallax


It would be great to have a real 3d parallax effect in Blocs 2.4 or 2.5 ))) When the front bric of text or something else and background image move independently from each other during mouse scroll.

And I want people,
like @Jakerlund and @pauland and all who help here
who can not only talk and wish, but can really help.

The rest, I think … Norman tries.
Nice weekend, vandieck.

I’m a beneficiary of these people.

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