Parallax Flipping Cards

Hi everyone) I just saw an interesting parallax effect with text and I thought maybe one of us could prepare for all of us for a small price. (2.7 KB)

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I think that is almost the same as you can do in the Action menu with Flip X and Flip Y. Have you tried that

I’m just learning, I have little knowledge (. Can you tell me where to look

It is the Animation you need to check out. Not Action. My mistake. If you select Style you see the Flip X and Flip Y. So selecte a column and use the animation for all kinds of great effects!

You can see the effect I used for this website with the pictures of the different oldtimer cars

I’m interested in a brick, in the attached video it is shown how the text soars, as if a little bit in front.

Don’t get what you mean.

I use a translator)