Parallax help please

Is there anyway I can get parallax to work on mobile devices guys? Works fine on desk top but nothing else? I hear mobiles turn off the code but I’m unsure. I’m interested to see if anyone knows a way to do it?

Thanks guys.

I asked this, but it was too complex for me to do.

Hi mate.

I’ve seen it appear lately on BBC and Guardian sites, and it’s worked well on iPhone and iPad so I’m wondering if we can find a way to get a code possibly.

It’s very good when used minimally and as much as it’s nice on a desk top it’s a little pointless as so many people visit sites now via mobile or portable devices.

I was intrigued by you “pointless” comment about mobile websites so I googled it and here’s the top 3. I’m sure there are other stats but it is amazing.

Mobile Internet Statistics and Facts 2016

  1. There are more mobile internet users than desktop internet users; 52.7% of global internet users access the internet via mobile, and 75.1% of U.S. internet users access the internet via mobile.

2.Mobile media time in the U.S. has exceeded desktop, with mobile media time estimated to be 51% while desktop media time is estimated to be 42%.

  1. While there are more mobile users than desktop users, mobile advertising spend is still slightly lower than desktop advertising spend; mobile advertising spend currently represents 49% of digital advertising spend, compared to desktop at 51%.

@Fourier Are you talking about the BBC and Guardian Apps or viewing the www sites on a browser on a mobile? The Apps are using dedicated functions to do the Parallax effect. I just had a quick look at the BBC and also Guardian sites on an iPhone and I didn’t see any Parallax effects.

I think the mobile first design approach is a good one concerning the use of Parallax in that the mobile site should look good and then use Parallax, as an extra visual effect to enhance the visual appeal on desktop browsers. The site also has to look good without the parallax working.

I like the effect of a smooth parallax animation but there is nothing worse than a jumpy parallax animation which I see too often during general browsing.

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Hi Casey.

Pointless was only mentioned in the context of when spending time getting it to look excellent on a desk top, and to then see it look rigid on other devices: It’s that moment where you say ‘well that was rather pointless!’ :joy:

Interesting facts: thanks for that.

I tend to feel websites have no real choice but to get a balance of creativity and simplicity. But as devices get larger, more powerful and so forth, trying to create something smooth for all devices is quite difficult.

Well it is for me :grinning::joy:

It is for everyone, webdesign is 20x more complex than it was 10 years ago.

Hi Webdeersign.

I stumbled into some recently and as I don’t have their apps downloaded, I’m sure that they were normal story links.

It was only one or two images that the news story would scroll over, but it worked well and it was very smooth.

I found when using one or two images to (shall we say) float around or over, it looked clumsy, to say the least.

It just got me thinking after, is it that difficult to do it and so forth. It seems so complex to do everything, and Blocs is an absolute joy (I used to use dreamweaver and never enjoyed it) that I just questioned why is this difficult or why do mobiles devices prevent this. After all, it’s already showing the image and txt.

I know I am naive regarding programming and code as I am not studied in this area, but it has got me thinking.

Hi Norm.

I can really believe that. From the days of all bells and whistles that the flash sites used to create, and the designers who would try to out do each other with as much gimmicks as possible, to now and the endless devices, it seems it has come a long way and brought a tremendous amount of complexity.

But this is why I am sure I speak for many when I say, Blocs just works so well, on so many levels. I personally couldn’t dream of doing half the stuff I do without your software. Every time I do something that feels smooth and looks good, a little part of my mind says, 'Thanks Norm!" :joy:


That’s amazing to hear, thank you for sharing that!

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I couldn’t agree with you more. Blocs has been great for me. I really don’t know what I use besides Blocs. Like all programs there is always a learning process that really never stops. I’ve had my moments (sorry Norm) but I could not make responsive websites without Blocs. Just like Blocs, @Norm rocks!



Since it looks like this threat has become the place to share the appreciation for Blocs / @Norm , so I couldn’t miss a chance to say that Blocs really rocks!! I have probably used all of the visual web design tools out there, and Blocs has been the best one for me! Like @casey1823 has said, the learning process never stops, but when you understand what Blocs is and what it isn’t, using Blocs is just amazingly satisfying experience.


Do you have links to the BBC and Guardian examples that you are referring to, if so share the links of the examples.


Yeah, I will look for them. They were a few weeks back, and linked to stories I was searching on their site. I’ll let you know as soon as I find them.

Although saying this, I have quite a few of you who have explained the process, and also Norman explained some of the reasons why it is not a preferred choice for mobiles devices…

Right now, it seems it might be good to put that on hold…

I’ll certainly add the links as soon as I can…

Thanks for your help.

I finally found an example here at the BBC It works also fine and smooth on mobile…